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Yuva Gaurav Puraskar

Goa Yuva Manch has pioneered the concept of YUVA GAURAV a Youth Award given to the Goan Youth who have brought laurels to the State at national and International Levels; making all Goans proud. Since 2010 Goa Yuva Manch is organizing Yuva Gaurav Puraskar and different youth from different fields have been recognized especially youth from Rural Goa.


On the occasion of 50 years of Goa’s Liberation from the barbaric rule of Portuguese, Goa Yuva Manch had organized a Mega Play in dance form where in Goas history, culture, invasions on Goa and Goa Freedom Struggle was shown. 80 artists had performed in a play.


Dayaz means Heritage, since 2016 Goa Yuva Manch is organizing a Two days Youth Festival with specific themes where in Different Colleges and Groups participate in a competitive mood, the theme for Dayaz 2016 was medium of Instruction and theme for Dayaz 2017 is Agriculture. We believe that through these competitions the goan youth may take special interest in protection Goan Heritage.


Goa Is Famous for its Ghumat Aarti, and to upkeep the tradition of Ghumat Aarti Goa Yuva Manch since 2016 organizes Aartyangan wherein the Groups perform different aarty’s in their own style and display their musical skills.

Rasto Natya

Street Play is the best mode of awareness and we Goa Yuva Manch ourselves perform street plays as part of awareness on different issues that effect the public at large. Street play being one of the effective mode of performance we decided to keep street play competition for school students, through which the students will learn different issues and present them in an effective manner.

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