Our Projects

Youth Unites for Green Goa (YUGG)

Goa Yuva Manch in 2011 started a mission to keep Goa Clean and Green, and awareness program was started by way of YUGG, plastic collection , workshops on wet and solid waste disposal system, workshop for tourist taxi owners to keep Goa Plastic free.

Kovli Mana

we witness numerous incidences wherein the child has been sexually abused in schools, homes and various places and they do not understand how to express them or protest against such abuse. Even parents and teacher do not encourage a child to come out and protest and as such the child’s development is hampered. We try our best to educate the parents, teachers and the child to know how to react on such abuse and what is the role of parents towards the child in such cases etc.

Gnyan Peetham

Education has become very expensive and external tuitions are more expensive only few can enjoy this facility and majority of students due to financial problems cannot get this opportunity. We feel It is the duty of the Government and the major portion Goan population does not get educational institutions to provide better education and no child should be allowed to take special tuitions and as such the child/ students who are denied of this facility are provided with FREE TUTIONS by Goa Yuva Manch

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